Who wants something a little different for live entertainment on Friday, April 11th? Coco Jarry’s is featuring the multi-talented Andy W. Mason, lead singer for DejaVuAcoustic, as a solo act! 

If you frequent Coco Jarry’s for live entertainment, you may have heard the feel-good folk and classic rock music by Ottawa-based band, DejaVuAcoustic. Our guests love their stuff and while the band was unavailable for April 11th, their lead singer, Andy W. Mason, stepped up to the plate and has graciously offered to perform a solo act he promises will sound like an entire band!

Andy will be playing his brand of covers, and maybe some original songs, too. He is an award-winning singer/songwriter, who won a “Mainstream Song of the Year” award at the 2008 NEMAs in the US. He has approximately 400+ songs in his cover repertoire.

Check out Andy online:

Join us for the second Friday in April to hear Andy W. Mason playing his heart out. Come early, grab a bite to eat and reserve your seat for the night’s entertainment.

Oh! Make sure to bring your song requests – Andy knows over 400 songs, maybe one or two of them will be on your top 10 fav list! 


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