Need a good reason to come out on Saturday night? Well, we’ll give you one! This all-ages event starring Valley girl band, Pure Antics, is to raise money for their autistic friend, Alex MacIntosh, who needs a guide dog for daily activities. Keep reading for the details!

Pure Antics is an acoustic cover band playing music from the 70’s to the present. It consists of Valley girls: Ally Pallen, Alyssa Liu and Grace Davidson. All of whom have more than just music in common – they also have a friend named Alex who is autistic and in need of some assistance.

They decided to band together and create this charity event to help raise enough money for Alex to get a guide dog, and raise awareness for Autism.

They girls are donating their time and talent while cover charge is only $4 in efforts to raise enough for Alex’s financial assistance. There will be donation boxes for those who can afford to donate a little more and also draws (like a 20/20) to help raise additional funds.

The girls and their parents have been promoting this event like heck so if you’re thinking of coming, try to come early and grab a seat. Coco’s has high quality food and delicious, unique cocktails!  


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