A Quarantine Game: Time Travelers of Renfrew

Living in a pandemic has many challenges. We’ve created an interactive game on FaceBook to help households manage some of their pandemic distresses with a constructive way to spend their extra time by learning the history of Renfrew.

This game is based on historical places in Renfrew and answers the question, “Where is this now?”

If you’re interested in joining & participating, please join our FaceBook Group:

Here is the “About” for this group/game:

A healthy distraction (i.e. game) to encourage new & old Renfrewites to actively learn more about Renfrew’s history. Earn ballots for each prize draw in different ways. The more actively you participate, the more chances you earn to win!

Every few weeks we’ll post a photo from the past of a place located in Renfrew & area. Participants seek out the information they need to deduce where this mystery spot is located, what it looks like now & some of it’s history.

While online research is welcomed, the point system in this game is designed to reward the ‘journey’ rather than the ‘destination.’ Off-line research is rewarded more heavily as it is more difficult to access – get investigating (phone, email, physically distant visiting…) with some born-and-raised-locals & share their stories with us!

ALL THOSE who submit an accurate, original, present-day photo of the mystery location will be rewarded 5 ballots for simply physically visiting the spot & documenting it. The first submission with an original photo for a “good guess” will earn 3 ballots.

We encourage any level of participation you wish; we only ask you submit original content in the thread that ENRICHES the history of the mystery location. Duplicate submission content to the game’s thread is ineligible for the prize draw.

New residents may have to talk to a few locals before they scoop up anything original; but it sounds like a great way to strike up conversation and make new friends! Doesn’t it?

For more details on how the game is played, click on the “How to Play under the `Guides’ tab.

During this lockdown, we went crazy and posted 7 games in a row with staggered game closing dates. Most of the games are still open, so get investigating, sleuths!

We have plenty of material for this game so if you’re not yet ready to participate, it’ll only be a matter of time.

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