A Yummy Gluten-Free, Organic Raspberry Cheesecake?

Are you gluten-intolerant, diabetic or have a dairy allergy? Or maybe youre just health-conscious and want fresh organic ingredients for your meals and treats? Then keep reading and come on by to try something special from one of our local partners!

Many of our guests who come through our doors ask us to modify our menu to make our meals gluten-free. We are more than happy to accommodate these special requests. And we are listening… since the summer we now offer a gluten-free beer on tap (right now, Somersby Cider) and now were looking into sweets!

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Organic & Low-Glycemic Dessert

We just got a raspberry cheesecake in to try from our local smoothie and juice bar, The Raw-Curious Kitchen (this is a link to their Facebook page). So far weve all LOVED it!

Here are the ingredients: Organic raw cashews Organic raw almonds Organic raw lemon juice Organic raw Agave nectar Organic dates Organic raw coconut oil Organic vanilla extract Organic berries

As you can see, if you have a nut allergy, this would NOT be the cheesecake for you. BUT, if you have an allergy to dairy or gluten, or you are diabetic, then this would be the perfect dessert for you to sample! So if youre looking for a gluten-free restaurant in Renfrew, we do have some options to offer you!

Please expect high quality from us, and our portions are generally large (except for the cheesecake, were just looking out for your health! But if you order two slices… well, then, thats totally up to you!)

Oh, and please note that these images of the raspberry cheesecake are at a time when it`s defrosting. It will be thawed and refrigerated for you when you come in to try it out!

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