Breaking (almost) Free from Lockdown #Three!

Whooooo! Here we go again! We’re very happy to be reopening the patio to serve the public again. However, as with all the other re-openings, there are some necessary changes you’ll need to know.

Table Service

We’re serving tables on the patio until Ontario gives us a go with inside dining. As per requirements, we will be serving 4 people per table and only more if the group is in the same household. With the physical distancing measures, we have limited seating. Please call ahead and reserve a table. Walk-ins will be sat when tables are free and we’re staffed properly. Please also observe our House Rules in order to help us give you the best and safest service.

Please read our most latest Covid protocols.

Takeout Orders

You helped us survive the lockdowns. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget your support and will continue to offer takeout throughout table service. Orders (regardless if they are in-house or takeout) will be processed as they come in and as always, we strive for excellence under every circumstance. Wait times may be lengthy in our attempts to please all guests.


This service was added in the first lockdown and has been instrumental in our survival. We appreciate you and will always do our best to accommodate. However, we have lost staff during the lockdowns. In the best of times, it is extremely challenging for both the kitchen and front-of-house to perform take-out, delivery & table service all at the same time. We will do our utmost best to make everyone happy but we may not be staffed enough to offer delivery.

Please call and ask if we are able to deliver at the time you’d like your food at your door.

Covid-Related Protocols & Measures

By now (a year and half into this pandemic) we’re all very familiar with the basics. Yes, things have been changing on a dime. We’ve been adjusting as the changes as they are made public knowledge. If you ever have questions about how we’re adhering to the recommendations and the health & safety measures we’re taking as a business serving the public during Covid-19, we’ve a very comprehensive plan available for your viewing at any time.

Whether you wish a seat on our patio or place a takeout order, we highly recommend calling ahead to book a table or place your food order to-go. This enables us to staff appropriately so that every guest has an equal chance of experiencing the best service and food.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to pleasing you!

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