Celebrate Your Special Event With Us!

Are you thinking about marking a special occasion with a get-together? Keep reading for reasons to host your party at Coco Jarry’s, especially in
our two dining rooms (free of charge) which can comfortably accommodate 75 people!

This weekend we hosted a surprise 65th birthday for a gentleman from the Eganville area. His wife arranged the celebration and chose Renfrew since it was central for all those who planned to attend. As the group were all leaving, so many of them commented on how happy they were about the atmosphere, food and service.

The birthday boy and his wife were exceptionally pleased, and asked to speak to the owner, Nick, to share with him just how happy they were.

This experience brought to my attention that our establishment offers amazing quality and value for big groups who need the space and catering options to mark special events, like a 65th birthday.

Or what about a going-away party? One of our most prized staff members will be leaving us soon to move to Europe and we plan on creating a big To-Do here at the restaurant to wish him well on his new adventure (hopefully he isn’t reading this!).

Other people are contacting us now to host their wedding receptions this summer, and we’ve been privileged to even host several wedding ceremonies here!

How it works for big groups: contact us and speak with Nick. There are different catering options available depending on your needs and budget. Maybe your group is best served with a buffet. The birthday this past weekend had a set 3-course meal, $20 a person with three main course options; table service was included.

Or perhaps you’d like everyone to order off the menu. The choice is yours, just talk to Nick about the pros and cons of each option!

Earlier today we helped a volleyball team celebrate their end-of-season tournament with bar snacks and yummy cocktails and beer; tonight we
expect a few hockey teams to stop by for refreshments after their finals.

These are smaller groups than we’ve mentioned so far in this blog post, but the premise is the same.

If you are a charity looking to host an event, or an individual with a milestone birthday coming up, a wedding reception or anniversary, sports event, going-away or retirement party, or perhaps your company wants to celebrate their corporate anniversary, Christmas, or golf tournament… we have the space, atmosphere, delicious food, and service to please everyone in your group.

Although we will welcome you and your group anytime and will aim to give you the best food and service under any circumstances, to get the
best quality available, we require a head’s up so we are properly staffed to accommodate your group’s needs and desires.

Contact us (613-432-3310) anytime and let us know you want to pop by.

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