Celebrating 35 Years In Biz All November Long!

Where has the time gone!? If you don’t know our story and you have a few minutes, click here for a little history on Coco Jarry’s Restaurant. At least as far back as we know…

For this particular milestone, we’ve decided to have a revolving weekend-long staff, friends & family reunion party every week in the month of November! Come on by with the Coco’s crew you worked with back in your day to really bring back those memories…

Celebrations will culminate in a Guest Appreciation Night on Saturday, November 23rd, featuring live music from BBC & Co.(Click here for the event details.)

The kitchen has created a 1/2 priced appetizer menu for this special occasion as props for your part in our success.

There are new Mediterranean dishes for you to try and, of course, our beer, wine, cocktail and martinis are fully stocked so you can pair your food & drink.

For fun, we’ve 80’s trivia on the tables and playing as background music; also with rotating images of past staff and of the restaurant over the years on a TV. Everyone who sends us their own pics of their time at Coco’s will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate!

Also for fun, Nick & Csaba both think they’re the best cook… You may witness a cook-off when you drop by – OR, even better – gather a group of you and reserve, we may just be able to set it up for your visit!

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