Check Out Our Local Brews from White Water

In the opinion of many seasoned beer drinkers, local brews can be some of the best tasting beers on the market.

Actually, we just had a customer recently refer to the other commercial beers as “horse p**s” compared to our new Whitewater beers!

A Hearty Beer for Hearty Beer Drinkers

Whitewater Brewing Company features four different beers (see image on right). Warning: if you like Coors light or Bud light, your taste buds will most likely reject the strength of any of these different beers – but you should definitely give them a whirl, just in case.

The two Whitewater brews we currently have on draught are:

  • Whistling Paddler (English Style Ale). I personally describe this one as their amber ale, with subtle notes of chocolate.
  • Midnight Stout (Oatmeal Stout). Again, personally, I find this Whitewater beer tastes a lot like Guinness but it’s lighter and a bit sweeter.

The Whitewater boys have their own product description where they use a lot more whitewaterpizazz and brewmaster speak – visit their website to hear how they describe their beers:

So a little about Whitewater Brewing company:

“Whitewater Brewing Company was founded by three good friends in 2011 on the banks of the mighty Ottawa River… Our epiphany came on a rafting trip: The Ottawa Valley was already home to some of the best natural ingredients involved in creating true hand-crafted beer, as well as great people deserving of a local beer to share with friends. Whitewater Brewing Company was conceived.”

Every beer lover weve had try these local brews (weve tried all four) have said they love them and will be back for more. We`re very pleased to have these beers on our draught taps and we hope you come try them, too! Check out Whitewater Brewing company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have YOU tried any of the Whitewater beers? Which one is your favourite?

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