Coco’s *Latest* Safety Measures for Covid-19

As the weeks progress and the health officials continue to learn about this virus, we’ve been following the news and making changes to our safety protocols here at Coco’s. To avoid confusion, rather than add yet another update to the original post covering our safety measures, we felt it better to simply start fresh with a brand new announcement:

As of April 7th, we are now certified COVIDSafe™. Which means we have the additional knowledge recommended by health professionals to safely serve food during pandemics (takeout only during this time of Provincial state of emergency).

This is in addition to all of our kitchen staff having their Safe Food Handling certifications. Stephanie, front-of-house main representative and delivery driver, will be training the rest of the limited staff in the CovidSafe course material (which is basically the Safe Food Handling Course on steroids).

Incidentals you might like to know:

The skeleton crew we have on are all very aware of how serious this threat is to our community. Our staff still working have promised that they are staying at home and practice physical distancing when they do leave the house to come to work, exercise and make limited, personal supply runs.

While we used to make weekly supply runs to Ottawa for the restaurant, our last trip was March 10th and have since then ordered everything we can from our suppliers to be delivered.

We are still disinfecting between guests, as we currently offer a pickup option for takeout and our debit machine is still wired. There are disposable gloves at the door and interact machine, as well as hand sanitizer for both guest and staff to use. At the moment, we are still taking cash and disinfecting it with a bleach solution.

Added Safety Measures

No Contact Delivery – while we’ve offered this option as soon as we added our delivery service, we now have a name for it! Pay by credit card over the phone and we’ll leave your packages at your door.

Pickup Table – we understand many people are being extra vigilant with their health. We fully support this! So to limit interaction, we’ve set up a table for the food exchange to occur.

Mobile Debit MachineHopefully soon! We are currently looking into switching to a mobile device to keep payment AND level of interaction options open.

When you’re ready to order, check out our Physically Distant Takeout Meal Deals. We also have our (limited) main and takeout menus.

We wish to thank everyone who is taking the Covid-19 virus seriously, who are taking personal responsibility for containing the pandemic and practicing social distancing and self-isolation on their own.

We’re doing the same personally and professionally, and will continue to do so on a day-to-day basis as we maneuver through a situation unlike most of us alive today have ever experienced.

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