Coco’s Now

A new adventure is afoot!

After 38 years of cooking & serving hungry guests, Nick is semi-retiring from the restaurant business to focus on the importation of his family’s first-pressed organic olive oil. He’ll be working more hands-on tending the olive groves in Greece to ensure the highest quality oil we ship to Canada!

How to purchase our imported olive oil?

Our friends at Pura Vida Nutrition Store will carry the Karavidas Family Olive Oil moving forward to help us make more Canadian kitchens healthier.

What is happening with Coco Jarry’s Restaurant?

We’ve down-sized from 250 seat full capacity to 75 seats with the front, side & back patio when in operation. We renovated and repurposed the two dining rooms, as well as, what we called, “the restaurant side” which maintained booth seating during it’s many renovations over 38 years.

We chose “the pub side” as seating for the restaurant which connects to the alleyway/side patio and commercial kitchen.

Coco Jarry’s Mediterranean Kitchen & Grill House in 2022

Temporary Closure

July 3, 2022 is the final day Coco’s will operate, the kitchen will officially be closed until December 2022. Plans are to run the restaurant on the weekends during the holiday season until Nick returns to Greece to tend to the groves in the spring.

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