Coco’s Online for Your Convenience!

Are you hungry? Thirsty? Want phenomenal service and a classy atmosphere? Maybe some good entertainment? Or all of the above while supporting a local cause? Coco Jarry’s Restaurant & our bar, The Thirsty Parrot, in Renfrew has it all. And now we’re online for your ultimate convenience!

All of us at Coco Jarry’s Restaurant & Thirsty Parrot Bar (affectionately nicknamed, Cocos) are very excited to present to you our new website. At the moment (as you can probably tell) we’re still working on putting it all together. But the vision is that you will be able to visit us online any time, on your PC, tablet or mobile phone and:

  1. View all of our extensive menus (for everyone!), prices and photos of our dishes. This will be especially helpful for those who want take-out food or who want to reserve a spot in our establishment to celebrate with your friends, family or employees.
  2. Find out about our upcoming events and read about our past events. We have bands in on a regular basis and host a variety of charity events. And in 2014, we plan on creating “just for fun” events, such as a comedy night, singles mingle and even a karaoke night (if we can convince the owner that it’s ok some people can’t sing).
  3. Read up on our latest restaurant news and get help cooking from home on our blog. The owner, Nick Karavidas, loves to try new dishes so we’re constantly changing up the menu, and we have seasonal specials to account for changes in temperature and available products.
  4. We also love trying new draft beers and signature cocktails/hot drinks. In addition, we realize that eating out is not always financially possible, so we plan on sharing some very easy-to-prepare at home healthy meals to help you out (warning: these will probably have a Greek flair to them since Nick is Greek!).
  5. Contact us anytime in various ways. We want to hear from you! We’re always looking to improve so we encourage your feedback. We also want to see you at the restaurant or bar, feed you amazing food and drinks, and help you host your special event.
  6. Get a feel for our restaurant and bar through pictures and video. If you’ve never been to Coco Jarry’s Restaurant or The Thirsty Parrot Bar, we’ve set up a gallery where you have the opportunity to “picture” yourself and your crew enjoying yourselves at our place.
  7. Connect with us on social media. We’ve set up social media icons in the header and footer of our website so you can choose to connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Google+ and other social media sites we plan on signing up for, like Pinterest. All of which we plan on offering different benefits for each method of communication.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working hard at finalizing our website. We’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for the website, blog and restaurant/bar. Please email us at steph {at} or call us at 613-432-3310.

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