Coco’s Safety Measures for Covid-19

For the most recent updates regarding our safety measures for Covid-19, please read this announcement.

As per the request of our nation’s health advisers to do our part to protect ourselves and our community, early last week we announced that Coco’s will only open for takeout and added a free delivery service to help serve our guests a little comfort food and taste of normal during these uncertain times.

In today’s post, we wanted to share with you the extra precautions we’ve put in place to make sure our guests and staff are as safe as possible during pick-up and deliveries.

As of Tuesday, March 17th, all of our staff have been temporarily laid off except for two who work in the kitchen.

The owner, Nick, is working alone during the early part of the week to help minimize the number of people we have in the restaurant at any one time.

We have scheduled one kitchen staff to help Nick cook and clean on Fridays and Saturdays. Depending on the level of calls on those days, we have a family member to help out front with orders, pickups and disinfecting between pickups.

We have someone on call to deliver, should we get a request, while Nick sits tight to man the phone and cook as necessary throughout the week.

We disinfect door handles, interact machine, Point-of-Sale computer touch screens, cash money, phones and any surfaces near where guests are waiting for their pick-up order.

Updates (March 25): A box of disposable gloves are now available at the front door as well as 6 foot intervals clearly demarcated on the floors.

All kitchen staff must have the government-mandated Safe Food Handlers Course which includes the proper hand washing techniques. This law passed BEFORE Covid-19.

As for the extra precautions, you may like to know that all staff who who enter the restaurant assure us that:

They are practicing self-isolation and social distancing while they are not at work;

Wash their hands as soon as they enter the building, and continue to do so frequently throughout their shift.

Wear gloves, especially in high risk situations and changing them between guests or possible contaminants.

We are extremely proud to say we’ve witnessed ALL of our guests who’ve been in to pick-up have been carefully respectful of social distancing (two meters or six feet). We are very fortunate that our restaurant layout provides us with three separate areas where guests can wait for their orders: bar side, restaurant side and dining rooms.

For delivery, we use only one car which has disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves in it to be used at all times and to be changed in between deliveries; and we use bandannas (not masks because health care workers need them!) over the mouth and nose when delivering to reduce the risk of exposure.

Guests who are self-isolating or in quarantine after travelling, can pay over the phone with their credit cards and the packages are left in front of their door to completely avoid any interaction.

As of today, we accept cash on delivery (which we disinfect) or credit cards over the phone as we take the order. Unfortunately we do not have a mobile debit machine, so interact payments are only available for pick-up.

We wish to thank everyone who is taking the Covid-19 virus seriously, who are taking personal responsibility for containing the pandemic and practicing social distancing and self-isolation on their own. We are doing the same personally and professionally, and will continue to do so on a day-to-day basis as we maneuver through a situation unlike most of us alive today have ever experienced.

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