Coco’s Safety Measures for Table Service

It’s great that businesses are opening up and restaurants are now allowed to serve guests on patios! But it is still a pandemic. Many people will still be wary to dine out, even if it is outdoors.

So to alleviate your fears and communicate the steps we’re taking as a food service business operating during Covid-19, here are the updated extra precautions we’re training our staff to do to protect us all:

First task for all servers coming in for their shift is to sanitize all the high-touch areas in the bathroom & restaurant. There are sanitizing schedules posted in each bathroom and by the guest check out counter that are signed & dated with the time once completed.

At peak times, we will call in our Covid Ambassador to help us with the sanitization, seating people & explaining safety protocols to guests.

They’ll also assist with handing out menus as well as communicating the specials and taking drink orders (if the guests immediately know what they’d like to order) in order to reduce the interactions between the servers & guests.

For kitchen staff, they will also sanitize at their shift start-time all the high-touch areas of the kitchen.

Other sanitization duties for servers and/or our Covid Ambassador:

• Sanitize chairs after each guest leaves. We wipe down arm rests, the back where the chair was pulled out, as well as the bottom & back rests.
• Sanitize the tables after clearing them, including the sides where hands may have touched to move the table.
• Sanitize all menus (front & back) after each guest. These include our in-house food menus, cocktail menu and beer & cider menu.
• Sanitize all cash & coin as it is received. If we are short on time, we will pile it up to be done at the end of the shift.
• Sanitize all salt & pepper shakers, as well as ketchup & vinegar bottles in between guests.
• If the Heineken table holders for the menus & S&P shakers are brought to the table, they are sanitized, as well.

These sanitization procedures are on top of the sanitizing we do for our takeout & delivery (read about these here and here).

You may also want to check out our House Rules while we serve you during the pandemic. And more about the mandatory wearing of masks in Renfrew County.

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