Come In On Election Day!

About a month ago, we announced we would be closing on Mondays starting Thanksgiving Monday until Spring. Well… there are always exceptions to the rule!

If you’re looking to party on a Monday, contact us and we’ll open the doors for your private event. If you want to throw a charity event on a Monday, you can count on us to host it! And for special community events where folks might be thirsty or hungry, again, we’ll bring in staff and make sure you’re taken care of properly.

We think for this community event (Election Day), some people may need refueling after a long day at work, then running to make the polls in time.

So, we’re happy to let you know that if you’re one of these people, you can stop by and we’ll have the kitchen open for you! We’ll be open at

If you have a big group, give us a quick call at (613)-432-3310 and we’ll be ready for you!

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