Customer Appreciation Special Menu Just for YOU!

Starting tomorrow (Thursday, October 23), we are pleased to show you our appreciation with a new 2 for 1 menu!

In 2015, we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary. To thank you for your support over the last 3 decades, weve created a special menu for you and a companion of your choice. Come to the restaurant and dine with a loved one, business colleague or simply someone youd like to butter up, and the owner (Nick Karavidas) will take care of one of your meals!

As you can see from the dinner menu image above, weve got several traditional Greek dishes to offer you and a few Italian ones, plus a couple of salads to make sure you get your veggies into you.

The meal options are $24 each (salads are $10 each), so that means each of you eat for a full meal for only $12 each (or a salad each for only $5).

This special customer appreciation menu will run for dinner on Sundays through to Thursdays leading up to our anniversary date: April 2015.

We also have a lunch menu to show our appreciation for you! Click here to check out the menu options. As for price, the meals are $16.99 each, which means you both eat a hearty lunch for only $8.50 each!

This customer appreciation menu runs all week long (except for Mondays) from 11 AM to 4 PM until April 2015. You are most welcome to order separate dishes as the 2 for 1 deal refers to you and your guest, not the menu items.

So if one of you wants the moussaka and the other wants the lasagna, you will pay for one of the dishes and Nick pays for the other. If both of you want the dill salad, you only pay for one portion while the other is on the house.

Were excited to show you our appreciation for your business all these years – we couldn`t have done it without you! So come on in with a guest and help us celebrate 30 years!

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