Customized Gin & Tonic Experiences Available!

Our resident mixologist, Steph, has been having fun procuring (and trying!) an assortment of different kinds of gins, ingredients and mixes over the last month or so. This past Friday was the test run and it was a consensus: our guests loved them!

A few of them had more than one that night; and one gentleman even returned Saturday afternoon to enjoy the same flavour combination he had the night before!

Customized gin and tonics? Yes! That’s right, there’s a gin and tonic suited for your current craving

The Experience

Part of what makes this so fun in the process.

Steph will go to your table and ask you a few questions to get a feel of what you currently crave. She will take that information and prep your drinks behind the bar.

Once she’s combined the majority of the ingredients in the glass, she brings it to your table. She describes what gin and ingredients she
combined and why. And then finishes it off in a dramatic climax before you take your trial sip!

Ok, we’re probably exaggerating a bit with the dramatics BUT it IS fun!)

Offered only on select evenings when we are properly staffed. We encourage pre-booking your customized gin & tonic experience!

Empress Gin & grapefruit.
Empress gin & lemonada.

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