Did you make it to our Marketplace Party last year? If you did, then we highly suggest you make it to our Social Bazaar this year!

Last year was our first time hosting such an event and although we didn’t have a chance to really promote it, it was a fantastic success.

How could it flop, really? A place where you can sip, snack, shop AND socialize? Add in chances to win door prizes AND, hello! You’re in heaven!

This year we added a few more vendors. We’re still confirming vendors but we definitely will have over 10. Here’s the for-sures:

  1. Pampered Chef – Karen Clemow
  2. Wood and What Knots – Ronda Bulmer
  3. Snark Coffee – Kim Berry
  4. Modere – Kathleen Rogers
  5. Pura Vida – Kathy Lofthouse
  6. Young Living – Julia Curtis
  7. Earthy Essentials – Nancy Rantz
  8. Leggacy – Peggy Johnson
  9. Joyce’s Mm Mm Mustard – Joyce Hebert
  10.  Mystery vendor!!!??

We’re waiting to hear back from about 3 more vendors so all you lovely shoppers will have lots of options. Our restaurant will be transformed into a new age mall!

But even better than a mall… you’ll be greeted with a complimentary hot chocolate. (Why not buy a shot of something tasty to start the social bazaar off right?)

Walk around and check out all the vendor offerings. Take a break, cop a squat at a table and check out our dinner and drink specials. Or you might like something a little lighter, like off our 1/2 priced apps menu?

While you wait for sustenance to arrive at your table, make a few decisions and go back to your chosen vendors to purchase your merchandise!

We hope to see you Thursday, December 5th sometime between 5-9pm for our 2nd annual Christmas Social Bazaar.


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