Interested in a relaxing, Saturday evening with amazing talent? Keep reading to find out what we have in store for you this weekend!

Bernadette Kelly has been here at Coco Jarry’s before as a guest. She’s well-known within the Valley musicians’ circle and comes out to support her friends. When she does, the booked entertainment always pulls her up on stage to either sing and/or play guitar.

And the crowd always goes wild!

So we booked her for her first gig here at Coco Jarry’s THIS Saturday. She plays acoustic guitar and sings… well, you’ll have to hear her voice yourself because words can’t describe the sweetness.

Bernadette plays beautiful music so if you’re interested in a soothing evening after a hard week, come on by and check her out! Round out the night by coming early for a delicious dinner from our kitchen.



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