We welcomed Dean for his first 2014 Canadian appearance at the end of April and in the spirit of tradition, we asked him back this year for his first 2015 Canadian show! 

If this is your first time hearing the name, Dean Batstone, here’s what one fellow performer said about him:

Dean Batstone is a folk/rock troubadour for the baby boomers and music fans of all ages that like a rich distinctive voice and well crafted story songs.” Gary Allen, The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson.
Still unsure whether or not to come out to Coco’s Saturday, April 25th? Check out Dean on:

All of Dean’s shows here at Coco’s have really drawn a crowd. Dean’s fans come from all over the Ottawa Valley and are exceptionally fun, polite and love to party!

If you’re from Renfrew and want to meet new, awesome people from the Valley, clear your calendar for the end of this month and join us for good music, good people and delicious food.

Join us Saturday, April 25th to hear this local music legend-in-the-making LIVE at Coco Jarry’s Restaurant in Renfrew. If Dean’s first Canadian show last year is any indication of how big the crowd will be this year… we suggest you call to reserve a table or at the very least, come early for some dinner and find a comfortable seat for the night! 


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