It’s almost the end of another year and the beginning of a brand new one… it’s time to celebrate! If you want a spectacular dinner and incredible music to rock out to, join us this year for New Year’s.

How does this sound? You and your loved one(s) are surrounded by a beautiful, cozy, classy atmosphere tastefully decorated with Christmas ornamentation, candlelight and fireplaces burning…

You are served like kings and queens; waited on hand and foot… wine, beer and cocktails flow, water glasses are constantly refilled. Then your four-course New Year’s Eve meal starts to arrive…

First the garlic bread and fancy hot appetizer of braised mushrooms, followed closely by the palate-cleansing spring mix salad with pomegranates. A brief interlude to digest a bit before the main course of your choice (between three scrumptious selections) is served. To end the meal, baked pears over a puff pastry, drizzled with homemade caramel sauce.

You’ll be enjoying your coffee (and possibly brandy, bailey’s, etc.) and the conversation at the table when you hear the band in the background doing their sound-check. Then the rockin’ starts!

This year at Coco Jarry’s Restaurant we are featuring the exceptionally talented Rockerfellas. They are a local rhythm, blues and classic rock band (actually, they call themselves a “good time party music band”) who’ve been playing together since 1988.

Since this four-piece band rocks so hard, we will make sure to have room for a dance floor (every time they play here, guests are up dancing whether we have the dance floor cleared on not!). The four musicians are Grant Tomkinson on bass and vocals, Tom Martel on drums, Peter Brown on keys and vocals, and Larry Wayne Church on lead guitar.

Getting close to midnight, you’ll be served a complimentary glass of champagne to ring in the New Year. ALL of this, the ambiance and four-course meal, live entertainment and champagne, cost only $45 per person!

Space is limited so please contact us today (613-432-3310) and book your reservation. When you do, you can plan on a very special evening full of fun, dining and super talented entertainment.


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