This event is full of fun starting weeks before the actual event (as we share behind-the-scene snapshots of the competitiveness between our chefs)! Nick (owner of Coco Jarry’s) and his four European buddies vie for YOUR vote on this special evening while contributing to charity. Keep reading for event details…

When you buy a ticket for this event ($45 per person), you’ll have the opportunity to try at least 5 different European dishes: Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French. All of which are prepared by 5 different “chefs” (a.k.a. Nick’s buddies who know how to cook).

Then you’ll have the chance to vote on your favourite dish. If you know any Europeans, you’ll know how competitive they are… Actually, part of the entertainment value of this event IS the competitive nature of the chefs involved so be forewarned they may be smoozing with you to butter you up for your vote!

Speaking of entertainment value… We’ve booked the lively and talented local trio, Bahoo, The Brat & The Commander for the evening’s after-dinner live entertainment! Check out this video for a musical sneak peak…

There’s more fun in store, too, as we’ll have door prizes and give-a-ways to increase the funds going to charity.

Contact the restaurant by phone (613-432-3310) and reserve your seat – they are limited.


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