Matt Dickson is returning to Coco’s and this time he’s bringing a friend! If you’ve seen Matt play before, you know he’s a show and a half all on his own. Keep reading to find out a bit more about this new duo.

You’ve already met Matt (and if you haven’t, you should!), so please allow us to introduce to you his long-time buddy, Steve Hanna. They’ve been playing together for over 30 years – so you know they’ve gotta be tight…

The two normally play together in several different full bands (for instance, a Beatles tribute band!) but they’ve decided to team up just the two of them as The Good Guys and perform for us this Friday, December 11th.

Matt will play percussion and guitar while Steve is a wicked piano player and will rock out on guitar as well. Since it’s so close to Christmas, they promise to play some Christmas tunes in addition to their classic rock cover list!

Come on out and meet The Good Guys in person THIS Friday. Arrive early and enjoy a cocktail (or two) and delicious International food while you save yourself a seat for the entertainment.  


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