Fall 2015 Entertainment Lineup!

It’s that time of season when we start wearing our warmer clothing – yet a lot of days and many nights we can still enjoy the patio! Regardless whether we’re outside or inside, we’ve got a Fall Entertainment Lineup we’re certain will entice you out to downtown Renfrew.

We took a few weeks off from hosting live entertainment since the Renfrew Fair came through town. Now that the fall has descended upon us (ha ha), we’re ready to rock and roll once again! Here’s the entertainment lineup so far (any missing nights will be updated here once gigs are booked):

September 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015: Matt Dickson. For only a few times that he’s played here at Coco Jarry’s, Matt is building quite the following! It’s because he’s FUN. He brings his acoustic guitar, kick drum, lights, 500+ song playlist, extra mic for audience members AND a cowbell (which even Coco’s owner, Nick, has played a few times!).

October 2015

Saturday, October 3rd: Bahoo, The Brat & The Commander. This local couple from Montreal recently added a third member to their show: the ever-vivacious, Rick Rogers (a.k.a. The Commander)! Lori takes the lead on vocals and her hubby, Andy, plays guitar while Rick wails on bass. Warning: this trio will have you in stitches all night long between songs.

Saturday, October 10th: Riq Turner. The former Ambush singer, Riq Turner, and Graham “Shiny” Brown team up on acoustic guitar and electric drums for a Renfrew appearance. Riq’s unplugged show is designed to be FUN from the very beginning. Every song from country to rock, dance and pop is meant to draw the crowd into the party – come out and hear your favourites from all genres and eras. Check out this video from their last show!

Friday, October 16th: Dean Batstone‘s 2015 Finale. Hailing from Almonte, Dean is a local legend-in-the-making. He writes his own songs, has numerous CDs and a gigantic following. His shows are usually hopping but his first and final Canadian shows (before he flies south for the winter) pack the place. If you’re in the mood for classic/folk music and meeting a ton of really cool people, clear your calendar and reserve your table today!

Friday, October 23rd: Gray Street Duo. You may know these guys by their given names: Rich Martel and Tom Boudreau. If you missed them back in the summer, now’s your chance to get your groove on with this superbly talented duo! Both on guitar, one lead singer, they play mainly contemporary tunes and especially, New Country.

Friday, October 30th: Matt Dickson. Matt is back with all his instruments, talent and energy to get the audience pumped and participating! Even better for this particular show: it’s our Halloween Bash! So if you want extra fun, get yourself to Coco Jarry’s this night in costume! CANCELLED due to personal reasons.

November 2015

Saturday, November 14th: The Taste of Europe charity event with Bahoo, The Brat & The Commander. This is an event created by Coco Jarry’s owner, Nick Karavidas, and his European-Canadian friends a few years back that continues to be a success year-after-year. Give to charity while you try different European cuisine and vote for your favourite dish! Once your taste buds are satisfied, next it’s your ears with some live entertainment. This year Rick Rogers will be joining the wonderful Dore couple as: Bahoo, The Brat & The Commander.

Friday, November 20th: Gray Street Duo. Rich Martel and Tom Boudreau return to Coco’s to kick up some New Country duet.

Friday, November 27th: Matt Dickson. If you missed Matt for any of his Renfrew shows, you’re invited to scratch any other plans you’ve made for this evening and join us for a paaarrrrtaaaayyy! Matt is a riot – you may wake up the next morning with sore abs from laughing (and singing) so hard.

December 2015

Friday, December 18th: Matt Dickson. Last chance for 2015 to hear the highly talented acoustic guitarist, Matt Dickson, play in Renfrew. That doesn’t mean he won’t be back next year; but we bet he’ll try to outdo his Halloween show with a crazy fun Holiday show!

Do you see an open date in this lineup that you’d like filled by a specific single, duo or trio in the Ottawa Valley? Share with us who you’d like to see play live music at Coco Jarry’s Restaurant and Thirsty Parrot Lounge by commenting below!

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