Funniest 2013 Story @Coco’s

It’s the middle of the summer and the patio is hopping. The tables are full, people are enjoying bar snacks, food, and the music playing through the outdoor speakers. A gentleman happens in and wants a beer.

The server notifies Nick, the owner, that this man seems intoxicated and has been told we won’t be serving him tonight, but he is reluctant to leave. Nick approaches the man and asks him to follow, “Come this way, my man,” Nick says.

The man, with slurred speech, says to Nick, “But I lost myself here tonight.” Nick, being in the industry for over 30 years, doesn’t bat an eyelash at this. “Don’t worry,” Nick replies. “Let me show you…”

He leads the man to the entrance of the patio. “If you go this way,” he points towards downtown, “You’ll find yourself there,” then he points towards uptown, “or that way, you may find yourself again there.

The man, obviously distressed, says, “No, you don’t understand, I lost myself here tonight!” Nick replies, “Trust me, you won’t find yourself again here tonight, but may find yourself by going either this way or that way.”

“Duuuude,” the man adamantly and more clearly responds, “You’re not hearing me right. I lost my CELL PHONE here tonight!”

In this industry, we are exposed to all sorts of people, sober and intoxicated. Those under the influence are the most difficult to handle but with these types of stories, we can laugh and relieve a bit of stress!

By the way, if you’re wondering, Nick suggested to the gentleman that he phone the restaurant in the morning to
see if we found a cell phone. Which we didn’t.

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