Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic, Dairy-Free, Local Cheesecakes!

What!? Healthy cheesecake? That’s right! Coco Jarry’s is now serving these delectable delights made by April from The Raw-Curious Kitchen local eatery in Renfrew. Keep reading to find out what they’re made of, the different flavours being offered and how much these babies are so you can budget them into your dinner out at Coco’s!

So what makes these cheesecakes healthy? First, the organic ingredients used make these desserts suitable for people with gluten and dairy intolerances. They are made from nuts, though, so unfortunately if you have a nut allergy, stay away!

These cheesecakes are also low-glycemic which make them a great sweet treat for diabetics!

The main ingredients are:

  • cashews
  • coconut oil
  • almonds
  • dates
  • fresh lemon juice

These simple, back-to-nature ingredients also make these desserts a suitable choice for all you health-conscious people coming to Coco Jarry’s.

We have a ton of healthier meal choices for you and now we can complement your lunch or dinner with a healthy dessert!

Your cheesecake choices are:

  1. Mixed berry with plain cheesecake
  2. Raspberry with plain cheesecake
  3. Blueberry with plain cheesecake
  4. Turtle chocolate cheesecake (Lucuma Carmel Sauce, Dark Chocolate Sauce & Pecans)
  5. Hazelnut chocolate cheesecake
  6. Raspberry chocolate cheesecake

If these fly off the shelves, we’ll order different desserts from The Raw-Curious Kitchen. April also offers a Carrot Orange Cake, 5 Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake AND a Chocolate Orange Travoletta dessert. The greater the demand for these organic, healthy desserts, the more we’ll buy in for our guests!

Warning: to maintain freshness, we’ve frozen these puppies. Because of the delicate nature of the organic ingredients, it takes about an hour for them to thaw. Let us know you want one when you first come in and by the time you’re done your meal, they should be ready for your enjoyment!

Come in and try the new healthy organic desserts we have for you. And don’t be shy, please give us your honest opinion – we want to make you happy!

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