Guests & Staff Create Unique Outdoor Dining Experience

All over the world, this Covid pandemic has changed lives. It’s certainly changed ours! In this article, we share some of the solutions we’ve come up with to survive the ever-evolving situation as a business, attempting balance for personal contentment (we’re real people!) and maintain quality in food & service for you, our lovely guests who make it all possible.

Even pre-pandemic, the restaurant industry has becoming more challenging over the last decade and a half. Covid19 has shone a flood light on what hasn’t (and what has!) been working for us, Coco Jarry’s Restaurant.

We are unique in many ways, our regular guests can testify to that as a fact. But to remain this way, we MUST change with the changing times!

Due to many different factors, we have a small team at the moment. The few remaining soldiers, many of them have other essential jobs, have been with us since before the pandemic. These core troops are exhausted.

Changes to our business model that you should be aware of when visiting Coco Jarry’s under the current circumstances:

  1. Takeout: Pickup & Delivery. These services allowed us to survive during the lockdowns and they will continue during table service. Our small staff are exceptional at managing in-house orders with the takeout; however, wait times MAY be considered lengthy – ask the hostess if you’re in a hurry for your table service and what this means to you.
  2. Reduced Operating Hours. We will only be open for lunches on Saturdays. The rest of the week we open mainly at 3pm. We are being conservative with our closing hours during the summer yet in reality, it is based on traffic. We will keep the kitchen open longer, if warranted; but ideally, it is sooner than later. It is to prevent our small team from burning out. The kitchen staff require 2 hours to properly clean and close the kitchen AFTER we stop serving.
  3. Reservations. We highly recommend to call ahead and book a table on our limited seating patio or indoor options (based on current laws). Please be considerate of other guests, staff and the survival of the business: be on time for your reservation and plan a max 2-hour visit.

This pandemic has been tough on all of us. We hope to inspire some mutual understanding & forgiveness with this article.

Our desire is for you to enjoy everything about Coco Jarry’s! But we need your help to accomplish this goal. This post outlines how you can help us help you enjoy Coco’s to the fullest!

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