Introducing Our Brand New Menu (with new, tasty dishes!)

Coco Jarry’s has been around for 30+ years but our menu hasn’t! Sure, we’ve kept some of the original recipes, like the gravy and homemade garlic dipping sauce, but owner Nick Karavidas likes to keep his menu as fresh as the ingredients in his fridge. So, we’re happy to introduce our latest menu, along with some interesting and delicious new menu items!

As you can see from the image above, we’ve incorporated the aquamarine blue of the Mediterranean sea along with it’s waves. The stain glass is a picture of one of the original stain glass elements Nick had installed when he expanded the restaurant and added the bar almost 30 years ago (read more about the history of the restaurant in our About page).

This covers the look but what about the substance? You’re coming to a restaurant to eat, not look at the pretty menu! Right?

The best place to start is always at the beginning; in this case, the appetizers. We’ve kept the most popular items and added six new ones.

The Zesty Shrimp we tested on our guests for our New Year’s Eve menu and they raved about it so much that we just had to add it to the main menu. The Greek Bruschetta and the Sampler Platter we tried as specials, and again, the response was overwhelming. The Crab Cakes and Home Style Jalapeno Poppers, well, we’re just guessing you’re going to love them!

Next we went heavy on the personal-sized pizzas and the homemade gourmet burgers. You can still get your regular large, medium and small pizzas to go, but when you’re dining in with a group of people, we realized that everyone has their own individual tastes.

Now one of you has the option of getting the Hawaiian, another the Greek Sesame, someone else get the Canadian and the fourth order the Spicy Chicken – all of which are equally good but different! And this is just the start of your options! Don’t be afraid of making your own pizza, either!

All Dressed Pizza

As for the gourmet burgers, we always offered hand-formed, seasoned burgers but now you have even more choice! Our burgers from the old menu were delicious and now you can choose the Louisiana Burger with pulled pork on it, or the Greek Chicken or Beef Burger topped with the usual plus a spicy feta sauce.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for an Old Fashioned Deluxe Burger, topped simply with lettuce, tomato, raw onion, mustard and relish?

In the salad department, Nick brought home to Renfrew from Greece a show stopper: the fresh dill salad! It’s simply chopped Romaine lettuce, olive oil, fresh dill, lemon juice, green onions and cherry tomatoes. This salad has been a HIT!

Some of our guests have gone home to try to replicate it but continue to fail – good on us because they keep coming back! We’ve also added to our salads the smoked salmon dish (which includes dill salad), authentic Greek salad AND the BBQ Smoked Striploin salad.

We went light on the sandwiches, but offer the Pulled Pork as well as the popular Grilled Chicken Panini. If you’re in for lunch, though, don’t worry, you can still get the tried-and-tested BLT, chicken salad, western or grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

As for the main entrees, we added the popular dinner special of 1 skewer of each chicken and pork souvlaki combo. Plus the Greek BBQ Chicken, which includes the fresh dill salad and Greek roasted potatoes – a winning combination!

Our slow-roasted BBQ Ribs special was such a smash that we added it to the main menu, and that goes for our Spinach Tortellini and Vegetarian Pasta, too.

Now, who loves fish and steak? Well, we got a treat for you! The quality of steak Nick has been getting in is bar-none, some of the top grade AAA steak you’ll get at most BIG steak houses (and at the fraction of the cost). He’s also partnered up with Lapointes to bring us the Fresh Catch of the Day which comes in on Thursday night and runs for the weekend – it’s a surprise every week!

Those are the highlights from the new menu. We encourage you to come in and try them out personally! And we’re always looking for constructive criticism as well as future menu item and special ideas. We want to hear from you!

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