Nearly everyone we talk to is happy our fair Canada is opening up again after the long lockdown. They seem to be happy just to be out and about! But just because things appear to becoming normal again, our health officials warn us that this invisible creature is still here.

The health experts in Canada now seem to agree that even frequent hand-washing, refraining from touching our faces and practicing physical distancing is not enough to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

As of July 7th, Renfrew County has now mandated the wearing of masks in all indoor public spaces EVEN when physical distancing can be maintained.

We understand that wearing a mask is uncomfortable. Heck, since we do most of our work indoors at the bar or in the kitchen (none of which are air conditioned), we’re expected to wear one for our entire shift (just as the front-liners are required)!

On the flip side, this is important to us as our job is serving the public. While we wore one to protect our guests all these months (all servers have been wearing one when the 2 meter physical distancing was unachievable), it means a lot to us that our guests wear one to protect us, too.

In fact, we are such a small team, that if one of us contracts the virus, we would have to shut our restaurant down for at least two weeks.

If you come to our restaurant without a face covering and need to use the rest room or pay via card on our wired machine, that’s ok! We’ve disposable non-surgical masks available for $2 (+tax) and reusable, black cloth masks for $5 (+tax).

There’s current debate whether or not this virus is airborne; but some infectious disease experts believe it is airborne in the way that small droplets can be carried through the air.

The good news is, according to prevailing theories, is that it travels only so far before dropping to the floor or other surfaces. This means it does not float through the air for an extended time as do other airborne pathogens.

For those who cannot wear a mask (e.g. with asthma), or if it is too unbearable in high temperatures, we’ve acquired face shields. They’re available for $15.99 +tax.

You are probably as done with this virus as the rest of us. But it IS a real enemy. It is fighting to survive, just as we are, and until we get a vaccine (our offense), we need to all be on the same page as to our most effective defenses:

  • Frequent hand-washing
  • Avoid touching our faces
  • 6 feet physical distancing
  • Wearing masks & face shields in public places

We hope you’ll stand with us so we can all enjoy a safe, enjoyable little taste of normal on the patio during this strange time. Wearing masks will not only save lives; it will save our economy and maybe even our sanity!

Stephanie Miller, Manager & PR for Coco Jarry’s Restaurant


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