Now Open Mondays for Lunch & Dinner (Latest Update)

Coco Jarry’s is now open again on Mondays for both lunch & dinner.

In October, we announced that after almost 30 years in business, Coco Jarry’s would be closed on Mondays for late fall and all of winter. That didn’t last long as hungry and thirsty shoppers were coming by for refreshments. So we decided to open at 4pm for just dinners.

Now that Spring is almost upon us, we are now reopening our doors for both lunch and dinner again.

We know, were a little loco at Cocos but hey, normal is weird these days. If theres ever any question as to whether were open or not, just look for our new open sign all lit up in our window (see above image).

We welcome all feedback via comments below, social media, email or contact form, or be a little different and use the old fashioned phone (613-432-3310)s!

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