Offering Value & Appreciation During Covid-19

These are very strange times for everyone; we all have been affected from one degree to another.

For some, the majority of changes lie in accommodating to a new lifestyle working from home. For others, they may not be working at all and have a lingering stress as to how they will put a roof over their heads or feed their families. In some parts of the world, they have lived through indescribable tragedy.

Coco’s is doing our part in every way we can…

Changing our restaurant model from dine-in and takeout to takeout only with pick-up option and adding a free delivery option within town limits.

Taking the CovidSafe course and training our staff towards compliance.

Offering a special takeout menu with drastically reduced prices.

Adding a customer appreciation day (Saturdays while we can manage it) where every order receives a free homemade strawberry shortcake & a \ 12oz Rib Steak special for only $25 served with sauteed mushrooms and onions, choice of starch, salad and garlic bun.

Adding another Family Meal Deal: Pita & Pizza Partaaay – includes 1 Chicken Pita, 1 Pork Pita, 1 small Canadian Pizza & 1 small Greek Pizza for only $40 (+tax)

We are continually evolving our operations to keep our community safe and survive these volatile times. Check out our latest post communicating company safety measures.

Keep coming back to our website or visit our Facebook Company Page to stay up-to-date with all the changes and changing promotions!

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