The year 2020 has definitely gone down in the history books. This year has been like no other than any of us living has experienced so far. So if you want a little taste of normal for your “professional bubble” this holiday season, then check out our latest deals!

If you’re thinking of a much quieter office holiday gathering this year, then our party platters might be your company’s solution.

This is the lunch party platter deal:

If this just isn’t what you’re looking for, please call Nick at the restaurant (613-432-3310) to discuss your budget and needs. One of our strongest suits as a small to medium-sized restaurant is our ability to customize group deals!

And if you’re wondering: YES, we are still allowed dine-in at the moment. We can seat up to 6 people at each physically distant table. This means our two dining rooms can comfortably accommodate 40 people with the current restrictions. If you’re interested, please call 613-432-3310 to book.

We’re looking forward to helping make this holiday season as normal as it can be under the circumstances. Please feel free to contact us for any reason, and especially in how we can help make Christmas 2020 memorable for you and your group.


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