(Old Post) Closed Mondays Starting Thanksgiving Monday Until Spring

UPDATE: we are now again open Monday’s for lunch and dinner! Read about it.

After 30 years in the restaurant business, owner Nick Karavidas has decided to take a break. We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience, but this one day off a week will relate to even better service and product for you!

If you’ve never worked in the restaurant industry, you may be disappointed to hear of this latest company news. If you have worked in the hospitality industry, then you’ll most likely relate and understand this decision.

For most small restaurant owners, especially those who do not have a trusted partner, they are in their restaurant from open until close. Sometimes they get a few hours off in the afternoon. With big franchises, the owner barely makes an appearance, as they can afford to hire floor and kitchen managers to oversee production and service.

Operating in a small town without a lot of industry, restaurateur Nick Karavidas has not had the opportunity to grow into a franchise. And a trusted partner has not come along yet.

And so after 30 years, he’s taken a look at a day within the week that usually costs him to open his doors, and decided to take a well-deserved break. Therefore, beginning Thanksgiving Monday (October 13th, 2014), Coco Jarry’s will remain closed on Monday’s from this date until Spring when we reopen the patio.

However, if you have a big party or reservation you’d like to make for a Monday during the off-season, please call the restaurant at 613-432-3310 and speak with Nick. There’s a possibility that we can open the restaurant just for your event as a private function!

Otherwise, again we apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause you and hope you can plan around our Monday closings.

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