Organic Olive Oil, Coco’s House Balsamic Dressing & Alcohol-To-Go

Updated: April 6, 2021 September 9th, 2021

Did you know that we also have a retail store selling our Organic Olive Oil and House Dressing? And now the government has allowed us to sell alcohol to go as long as it’s sealed. Or we can deliver sealed alcohol to you with
your takeout delivery order!

The Karavidas Family Organic First-Pressed Olive Oil imported from Greece

We have several sizes available for sale – tax free!

  1. 250 ml (1/4 L): $12
  2. 500 ml (1/2 L): $20
  3. 1000 ml (1 L): $32

Coco Jarry’s olive oil & balsamic house dressing made with the Karavidas Olive Oil

So many of our guests have asked over the past few years if we sell our house balsamic dressing in bottles to take home with them…

NOW we do! AND, we’ve made it even better by making it with the Karavidas Organic Olive Oil.

So far we have 2 sizes available (prices +tax):

  1. 300 ml: $14
  2. 660 ml: $26

As per some unprecedented government allowances during this time of the Corona Virus pandemic, we are now allowed to deliver alcohol purchases along with your food takeout order!

Under the new rules:

the person who placed the alcohol purchase must also receive the order at the door along with their photo I.D.

a food order must also accompany the alcohol purchase

the alcohol must be sealed

purchaser must NOT be intoxicated (our Smart Serve Certified delivery person has the right to refuse at the door the alcohol purchase)

Currently, we offer a selection of domestic & imported bottles of beer and a fairly wide variety of Craft Bears: Kichissippi, Beau’s & Mill St.

We hope these added offerings will help bring health and sanity to you and yours during these times of self-isolation and social distancing.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions in how to improve our operations in these turbulent times.

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