Our New Menus (And Why)

If you you drop by Coco Jarrys, you’ll find that we’ve made several changes, especially in the menu department. We’ve trimmed down our main menu, created a Summer Pairings Menu and have begun our Summer Lunch Specials. Keep reading to find out more!

The New Main Menu

In order to serve you better and especially in high traffic season, weve streamlined our main menu and reduced the items to approximately half of what we previously offered. This decision was made mainly to keep product fresh, reduce waste and create more efficiency in the kitchen. We kept almost all of the top-sellers.

However, if youre a regular, you may be disappointed to learn that we no longer have Pulled Pork, BBQ Ribs, Seafood Pasta, Fettuccine Alfredo or Steaks any more. But fear not! Our plan is to go heavy on our specials, so we will bring back your favourite items from time to time.

Now, if youre really craving one of those missing menu options, you may still be able to order it! This depends on if Nick is cooking, if we have the product and if its not too busy.

Summer Pairings Menu

We’re really excited about this special menu! The point is to pair either a domestic draught beer or a glass of house wine (red or white) with one of eight food options.

The first option, the Charcuterie Board, is a big hit in the cities and is made of a variety of cheeses and meats, served with sliced bread and something else that we will change up from time to time.

At the moment, were serving Peruvian Pickled Peppers on the board. The meats are sourced from Lavergne Meats in Ottawa. Nick goes there himself to select the meats, and he prefers to choose ones that are processed there onsite. The cheeses are sourced from Maple Dale cheese factory near Kingston. We are proud to say were the only delivery they make to Renfrew!

As for other options on the pairings menu… we have Spanish Chorizo (also made at Lavergnes meat factory), which is a sausage that we grill for you to accompany sliced bread. Its a tasty snack or light main meal.

While we removed our mussels from the main menu, were now offering them here on the pairings menu. Again, we wanted to keep them fresh and reduce waste, and weve found that most people order the specials rather than from the main menu.

Summer Lunch Specials

If you drop by the restaurant between opening hours and 4pm, youll see our seasonal lunch specials. (Click here for a complete list.) You’ll noticed a few items here that we also offer on the pairings special menu but the serving size may be a bit smaller when ordered from the lunch specials.

We removed our BBQ Smoked Garlic Chicken and Salad from the main menu and now offer it as one of the summer lunch specials. A few new items here: Montreal Smoked Meat on Rye and the Philly Steak Sandwich!

We hope you enjoy all the menu changes and that you understand if your favourite item is no longer offered. Nick made this decision for many reasons, including getting rid of hard-to-source items (can you believe he couldn`t find dill anywhere two weeks ago?) and making it easier for rookie kitchen staff to create good food for you.
We welcome any and all feedback! Please leave your comments in the section below.

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