Imported & locally sourced food products sold onsite! Shop for unique items while you wait for your takeout or dine-in meal and bring home more yumminess for you and your family.

Imported Organic Olive Oil

For decades now, the Karavidas Family still living in Greece has exported the olive oil pressed from the olives harvested from the Karavidas olive groves to their family members living in Canada & Australia.

We bring you that same purity and health benefits from organically grown olives with an unadulterated pressing process!

It comes in three sizes: 1L, 1/2L and 1/4L.

Prices fluctuate with each year’s purchase in relation to that year’s growing conditions & shipping expenses.

Click here to discover the current prices.

House Dressing made with the Karavidas Olive Oil

For years guests have suggested we sell our house olive oil and balsamic dressing (even though it is made with our lesser grade restaurant suppliers’ olive oil).

Now that we have the “good stuff” Nick is making large batches of our house dressing with the special organic olive oil from Greece. We are bottling it and sell it in-house along side our pure olive oil.

Local Products

How could we miss the fantastic opportunity to also sell delicious food products made from locals here in the Ottawa Valley?

We have chosen Joyce’s Mmm Mmm Mustard as our first local product to showcase in our mini-market. Only $10 or 3 for $25 (no tax) and comes in 3 flavours: Original, Maple & Spicy.

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