Proof of Vaccination for Restaurants

Latest Covid-19 rules & regulations beginning Wednesday, September 22nd. Things you should know before you drop by an Ontario restaurant.

Here we go again! A new season in this year-and-a-half long pandemic and the Ontario government/Canadian Health officials agree our society needs proof of vaccination (POV) for high-risk settings as we head into this fourth wave.

Their reasoning is that we need another layer of protection from the Delta variant in order to avoid more lockdowns. This mandate is being used as a “tool” to encourage those people on the fence of getting the vaccine to make the final leap.

What rules/protocols stay?

Short answer: All the biggies.

Contact tracing methods, masks, 2-meter social distancing, enhanced hygiene & sanitization practices… all of them stay.

What’s now expected when we dine out in Ontario?

This vaccination certificate program includes the mandate for restaurants serving in-door guests to ask patrons for their proof of vaccination. We can accept printed copies or pdf download to your mobile phone of vaccination receipts ALONG WITH a government-issued ID. This stage will last from Sept 22 to Oct 22nd or until Ontario rolls out their mobile app.

You DO NOT need POV if you’re:

  • Using the patio or in the workplace
  • Paying for your meal
  • Visiting the rest rooms
  • Entering to pick up a takeout order
  • A child 12 years old or younger
  • Walking through to access outdoor seating
  • Making a retail purchase
  • Or to access health & safety assistance

Please note: Dine-in guests with medical exemptions are to show us written documentation & government-issued photo I.D.

We look forward to serving you in any capacity we can while following the vaccine certificate mandate.

Thank you so much for your understanding, support and patience while we keep keeping on!

For more information & FAQs about this vaccination mandate

Ontario News Release – August 17, 2021

Ontario News Release – September 1, 2021

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