Reserve Your Table & Our New Main Menu

After a long awaited easing of restrictions in Ontario, some regions (including the Ottawa Valley) are moving past the lockdown! It’s not quite party-time (not until a vaccine is created) BUT, we can enjoy a little more normalcy while we wait.

Things do need to change under these circumstances, though, so this post is to prepare you for some of the changes we’ve had to adopt to keep everyone safer during a pandemic. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive blog post explaining our Covid-19 House Rules as per provincial legislature and due to our own in-house restrictions.

First, we welcome you! But… only if we are staffed properly. Therefore, we must have a CALL AHEAD & RESERVE only model. Walk-ins will only be accepted IF we happen to be staffed for it and reservations cancelled.

Second, this pandemic has affected almost every way of life, including product shortages, pricing and how we operate as a restaurant serving the public while we wait for a vaccine. We ask that you respect the challenges we are facing and that we are doing our best to continue to serve the public during a pandemic.

While we’re operating at 50% capacity, we’re required to have twice the amount of staff on at the front to make certain everyone is safe. These
harsh realities have resulted in less than ideal circumstances for us all.

Here is our new in-house pandemic menu (which may require alterations in the near future):

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