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If you’re new to the Ottawa Valley, you may appreciate knowing St. Patty’s Day is a MAJOR holiday around these parts. For example, the small hamlet of Douglas usually has a population of about 250, but when March 17th rolls around, 4000 people descend upon the “Diddley” (the town’s only tavern).

Check out what we have planned here at Coco Jarry’s – just in case you don’t want to wait too long for your green beer…

Green Drink Promotions

Canadian brewer, Steam Whistle, is coming to Coco Jarry’s for St. Patty’s Day! I’m crossing my fingers to see the sales rep roll up to the restaurant this Wednesday in his car, dressed as a leprechaun with 150 beer boots loaded on his roof… hee hee

That’s right, we’re getting Steam Whistle on tap along with a “few” beer boots. They are 32 oz. beer glasses in the shape of a leprechaun boot – you can’t take the beer home with you but you CAN leave with the empty boot glass! It will cost you a mere $16 for the beer and “free” take-away beer boot.

There are no limits to how many beer boots you take home (as long as you’re eating, drinking water and you’re not intoxicated, in which case, of course according to the Liquor License Act, we’ll have to cut you off for the evening…)

Ask us to make your beer green to mark the occasion!

Shamrock Shake

As for other green drinks, we have a variety of cocktails, as well as shooters, but what we’re most excited about is our new Shamrock Shake! It’s inspired by the Shamrock Shake served traditionally at McDonald’s – only with alcohol!

This Shamrock Shake comes with a warning, though, it’s very filling. It’s used best as a dessert cocktail or for those who do not like beer, or who won’t be filling up on other alcoholic beverages.

We highly suggest coming in early during any one of the evenings we’ll be featuring live entertainment, and grab some grub, finish it off with the Shamrock Shake, and THEN start your evening of green beers and green cocktails.

Live Gaelic-Inspired Entertainment

The weekend before St. Patty’s day (which falls on a Monday this year), we have a few bands lined up as well as something special for THE BIG DAY.

On Friday, March 14th, we’re presenting The Two Pats, a local duet consisting of two musicians named Pat. Expect some good ol’ fashioned Irish music!

On Saturday, March 15th, we happy to feature a band that reserves their talent for Coco Jarry’s only: Daybreak. They have a variety of Celtic tunes to pump us up during the weekend and prep us for the 17th.

As for Monday, March 17th, the official day reserved for Saint Patrick, we have something special booked. The event is called “Kitchen Ceilidh” which includes a 4-piece band playing about 90% Gaelic tunes, plus some interesting additions you may not expect from another bar!

Come out to Coco Jarry’s either Friday, Saturday or Monday, for some LIVE Irish-inspired music, good food and tasty green cocktails. And don’t be shy: come early and grab your seat – it WILL be packed!

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