Summer 2019 Food & Drink Promotions

It’s finally summer! And we’ve got a few seasonal food and drink items we created specifically for you to enjoy in the heat.

Featured Summer Foods


Oh ya, that’s right. Nice and light, flavourful and cooked to perfection (it’s SUPREMELY rare to find a closed shell in our mussel dishes!)

Nick is a master at mussels. I’ve heard several different groups of East Coasters tell me our mussels are better than what they get back home!

In a white wine, garlic herb broth, or Nick will add fresh marinara to it to make it a red broth. Pair it with one of our house wines or draught beers to bring out all the flavours.

A nice big pound with garlic bread for only $14 +tax.

GREEK MEX PLATE (for 1) OR PLATTER (for 2 people)

This creation is meant for nibbling or making mini sandwiches. Tex Mex seasoned grilled chicken and our hand-breaded fish tacos make up the protein part of this dish. Then comes the dips, both made in-house with the freshest ingredients: tzatziki and salsa.

The breads are grilled soft tortillas and pita. Served with some shredded lettuce and fries for the plate ($17 +tax); the platter for two ($29 +tax) includes a salad.

Featured Summer Drinks

Sangria is an ideal patio drink – and it’s even better when you use seasonal fruit!

Choose either Strawberry or Peach Sangria, and tell your server if you like it sweet or more dry. Our head bartender has a recipe to suit your tastes!

Order a glass for $7.53 +tax; mini pitcher for $15 +tax or large pitcher for $24 +tax.

Perfect to share between couples or groups of four and more. Only $25.68 +tax. Choose between Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, Margarita or Hard Lemonade.

Made with mango nectar and orange juice, this mmmartini will be sure to have you rolling your eyes in pleasure! Only $8.85 +tax.

If you think these drinks sound tasty… you should read about our customized Gin & Tonic Experiences!

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