Support Local – Create Your Own Customized Gift Baskets

Who knows better what your loved ones would want in a gift basket? If you have time this year, we suggest you take a few hours to physically visit (yet with Covid precautions in place) your local vendors and cruise through their products choosing items that may appeal to your giftees.

Instead of driving to the city this year to do your Christmas shopping, why not take a walk through town (Renfrew isn’t that big!) and explore Renfrew Merchants to see what they have to offer?

We’ve started doing this ourselves and we’re surprised as to the variety of products being offered at very reasonable prices! We’re finding that many local merchants & vendors (many of which can be found under consignment in our local Renfrew retail storefronts) can offer small gifts you can choose to help personalize a basket of goodies for your particular loved ones.

WARNING: this type of gift buying requires time and knowledge of your loved ones’ preferences, wants & needs. On the alternative, often if you have the time just to peruse the boutique, and if you know anything about your giftee, then you can have a “good guess” with what might please them.

For instance, if you know they value health & well-being, something unique and tasty…. they would probably really enjoy Coco’s House Dressing using our imported from Greece & certified Organic Karavidas Family Olive Oil. (Yes that’s right, our restaurant sells products, too!)

Also featured in this “mock gift basket” are items from Renfrew’s Pura Vida Nutrition Store, Aikenhead’s Drug Store, and Joyce’s Mmm Mmm Mustard.

So what are you waiting for? Get your mask, get bundled up and go for a walk through Renfrew’s main streets!

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