Weekly Feature: Fresh Catch From the Sea

Who loves fish? If you do and you’re in the Renfrew area, we’re pleased to present our Fresh Catch from the Sea weekly special! Keep reading for more details…

Although we have seasonal lunch and dinner specials to keep things fresh for our guests, we wanted a special that would change on a weekly basis. And we wanted to provide a super healthy option since so many people come to our restaurant these days looking to make healthier choices.

Our answer came from teaming up with the well-known fish distributor, Lapointe Fish Limited!

We’ve been trying the Fresh Catch from the Sea special for about three months now and our guests love it! In the image above, Nick is holding the fresh haddock that came in just before the weekend. He filleted it into 6 oz portions and baked it as ordered, finishing it off with olive oil, lemon and fresh dill.

With the end pieces of the fish that could not be filleted, Nick made a delicious Seafood Chowder, adding baby shrimp to it along with white wine and cream. It didn’t take long before the chowder sold out!

Some other types of fish Lapointes has delivered to us are: cod, blue marlin, red snapper and wild pacific salmon, just to name a few. The image to the right is of the Mediterranean-style cod oven-baked with veggies and herbs, served with rice and potato.

One of our regular guests despised fish until she tried this cod dish. Now she’s hooked and returns every week to find out what this week’s Catch from the Sea is; and about 75% of the time, she’ll order it!

Lapointes delivers fish to us every Thursday (sometimes Friday). To keep the product fresh, we only order a limited quantity and run the fish special from the day of delivery to either Saturday or Sunday, unless we sell out sooner.

The prices vary, depending on the market. So when you come in and ask your server about the Fresh Catch from the Sea special, they’ll tell you then about the price, as well as how it is being prepared and what it comes with that night.

And Nick loves to play around with recipes. For instance, Lapointes delivered cod to us a few short weeks after delivering it to us the first time.

The Mediterranean style was a hit but this time Nick lightly battered and pan-seared it. Although it was a different flavour and texture altogether, it was another winner for all our fish-loving patrons – including those who were originally disappointed to hear it wasn’t the same Mediterranean-baked cod they tried the first time!

What are you waiting for? Oh yes, this is only Wednesday… We expect this week’s fish in by dinner time tomorrow, so stop in and see what Fresh Catch from the Sea Nick has created this week!

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