In normal times, we change our main menu at least once a year. Then we have smaller, seasonal menus (launched 4 times a year). And when we’re open for lunch, we have a specifically designed seasonal menu for this shift, as well.

Covid has created even more changes in the development of our menus; for instance, during the pandemic as we responded to various circumstances like losing staff in each lockdown, market fluctuations due to global lockdowns and changes in our business model (i.e. takeout).

The pandemic has left lasting effects, however. More changes will be made during the upcoming months. We are switching gears and so we ask that our guests remain patient as we transition into a MUCH different restaurant than we were pre-Covid.

Please be aware we are moving to a restaurant model that’ll allow us to maintain consistent quality in both food & service for you!

These will always be the most current menus — it’s these prices that we will honour in times of discrepancies.

Note: old posts from the net or Facebook are frequently accessed by guests & we have NO control over this – please cross-reference old menus you may have found online with those that are published here on our website.

Thank you for your loyalty, patience & understanding!

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